From The Desk Of Cora Post


The weather is… foggy! It’s that time of year in my neck of the woods where the fog settles in very much like a wet blanket and stays until Spring. It’s not so bad in the morning when I drop the boys off at school, but it’s down right scary when I drive at night.  The good news is: we’ve had a wet Winter thus far so maybe the drought will be at an end soon.

How my One Little Word Open is manifesting in my life … I’m continuing to  be open to the promptings and leadings of my Heathen studies. I’ve just begun a months long Introduction course with an online study group and I’m pretty excited!

I’ve also been open to the gentle pushings from Freya in the home decorating department: like, buying matching tablecloths for the three tables in my dining room and using my flower scent melting wax to make the house smell yummy. Seriously, the Woman is all about the flowers. And oh yes, it’s time to take down all of the Winter decorations and start thinking of how to decorate for Spring…

On a more personal note: I’ve been open to learning the difference between Justice and Being Avenged and even though sometimes they can be the same thing, sometimes they are not and it’s important to know the difference. I’ll write about this issue, but it might take a bit of time as it is still very raw and I’m trying very hard to process my feelings.

Good TV / Pop Culture Indulgence … Y’all, I am a Taylor Swift fan. I’ve bought every single one of her albums as soon as they are released. In the past couple of weeks I watched the Swiftmas video and read the story about her sending a check to a fan to help with her student loans.  And you know what? It makes me like her even more because it shows that this young woman really cares about her fans. I applaud that. (I’ve been wanting to write about this and I probably will later).

 I’m reading…

1) The Shack. Which is 100% Christian fiction (which, yes, makes it hard to get through I admit) about a man who meets the Trinity after his 6 year old daughter is murdered (another reason it’s hard to get through). A friend at work lent it to me because it’s one of her favourite books.

2) The Clockwork Princess: Book 3 in the Infernal Devices trilogy. Hands down, this universe is one of all my all time favourite YA to get lost in.

3) The books for my Heathen studies that include the Poetic and Prose Eddas and Our Troth.

My guilty pleasure is… say it with me: Fleece. Lined. Yoga. Pants.  Good gods! I am going to buy them in all colours and live in them whilst it’s cold outside! Heavenly comfort.

A highlight in my life … My darling husband surprised me with a rather large canvas print of Starry Night (one of my favourites). It is now hanging in my family room where I can enjoy it all the time.

 What I created/cooked that is worthy of a humblebrag … a “gold” coin made out of clay with a bindrune that I was given by Odin in a meditation. It now sits on our family shrine.


From The Desk Of Cora Post

The weather is… a long and scary drought. I have given up on having a garden for two years because of it which makes me very sad.  The fruit trees have made it through fairly well minus the Asian pear which I think might be a lost cause.

However! At this very moment of typing! It is RAINING!!  Glorious fat drops of water coming down out of a gray sky. It is truly a marvel to behold.  After we came back from NY I swore I’d never live in another place that wet stuff fell in large quantities from a cold gray sky and yet, as I get older, I think about how nice it would be to move up north.

How my One Little Word Discipline is manifesting in my life … Oh! My One Little Word for 2014. Truth be told I forgot what it was and had to look it up, so that might give you a hint as to how that’s been going.  Well, that might be too hard on myself. There has been Discipline featured throughout my life (Committee Chair for Thadd’s Scout Troop, PTA President at Thadd’s school, learning about Norse Things), but I just don’t get militant about it all.

Speaking of One Little Word: have you picked yours for 2015? I have mine ready to go and I am pretty excited about it! It’s going to be different from years past and I am looking forward to what it brings in the coming year.

Good TV / Pop Culture Indulgence … Let’s see: On Grimm, Nick got his Grimm-fu back so that was awesome, The Walking Dead was devastating (BETH!! NOOOO!!!), and Doctor Who reruns are always a nice reminder how much I love #10 and #11.

I’m reading… The Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices Trilogy) which is the prequel to the The Immortal Instruments series (I read them already).  I love this world because it merges my love of vampires and werewolves with my fascination with angels and demons. Plus, there’s a few love stories for this hopeless romantic.

I’m also reading two translations of the Poetic Edda. I figured if I’m going to learn The Lore, I better do it right.  It’s funny, when I started this journey I thought that I’d stick to the Anglo-Saxon stuff since that is what my ancestors were, but I keep getting firmly pushed onto the Continent (Hello, Frau Holle!) and I keep going, “but this has nothing to do with my ancestors. We aren’t German!” and then I had an “I’m such an idiot” moment because my mother’s side IS German! Her grandfather’s last name became an Anglicized form of Koch and one of our cousins has all the information on the family who came from Germany and built a church in Pennsylvania.

So, yeah, maybe I should just let Odin led me where He sees fit.

My guilty pleasure is… watching  My Five Wives. I am so intrigued by the show and the situations that arise.  How would I handle four sister wives?  I then take that further by designing a more efficient way of ordering things: like, having one large central kitchen and dining area that would fit 6 adults and 25 children and since Brady rotates every night with a wife and he wants some “me time” I think it would make sense to do a Monday-Friday set schedule with the wives and then he has Saturday and Sunday night to himself in his “man cave”. That way each wife knows exactly which day she has and it’s easier to switch nights for birthdays or anniversaries.

And then my brain starts with “what if there’s only 2 sisterwives?” and how silly it would be for the guy to bounce back and forth every other night, that it would make since to stay with each wife for a month…but that the wives really ought to be working together as a family unit and not solely relying on the man to meet all of their emotional needs.

I probably have pondered all of this a bit too much.

A highlight in my life … There’s an official teenager living in our house! I’m not sure how that happened, but one night I still had a tween and the next morning there was a teen standing in my kitchen.  I am so proud of the young man he is and am very excited to see the man he will grow up to be.

What I created/cooked that is worthy of a humblebrag … I am going to make persimmon cookies today for the first time and I am will be using my press cookie thingy so I’ll have to wait to see if they pass the test. I also have a few ideas of things to make out of clay that I’m pretty excited about. I’ll post pictures if they turn out well!

From the Desk of the Iconoclastic Domina: “Where in the HELL have you been?!” Edition

The weather has been… typical Summer weather around here, meaning, hot and dry.

I’ve been working on Nurture by… Oh, well. Remember waaay back in January I wrote a quick note saying that I created a new group for women who cover?  Well, that group became rather successful and I met some incredibly wonderful women who nurtured a need I have for getting more in touch with the Divine Feminine.  For six months, the group was all consuming and became the main focus of my time on the internet.  As you can tell, blogging got pushed to the side.  Sadly (oh so sadly) I needed to leave and come back to my roots (so to speak).  Do I miss it? Yes, I do. Everyday.

But something really amazing happened that nurtured my sad little self: So many of those very same women contacted me, giving me comfort. And then! And then, my Soul Sister called me as soon as she caught wind of what happened, and then (!) I got  PMs from dear bloggy friends (Violet Marbles and “M”) unrelated to the group who wanted to make sure I was doing okay. What got me laughing and a bit teary eyed is that Violet wanted to know if she needed to get pick up M and a certain baseball bat to kick some ass. That’s when you know you’re loved: your girls are already in the wings with a baseball bat before they get the full story. 😉

My inbox isn’t getting flooded with new notifications for the first time in six months. I’ve more than likely lost friends, Sisters, followers because of my decision to close the group. But I’m so grateful for the love that I’ve been nurtured with in the past week.

The best thing I watched on TV this week … Jimmy Fallon’s Primetime Music Special. After having an emotionally exhausting week, it was so nice to have a good laugh.  I know I’ve said this before, but I’ve got a Not-So-Secret-Crush on that man.

I’m reading… three books simultaneously: (1) Ho for California!: Women’s Overland Diaries from the Huntington Library edited by Sandra L. Myres  (2) Grave Secrets by Kathy Reichs  and (3) The Influence of Quaker Women on American History:  Biographical Studies  edited by Carol and John Stoneburner.  Once I clear them out of the lineup, I’ll be reading The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman. It comes highly recommended by I’m Not Hannah and let’s face it: it has a redhead-hair covered-Jewess-who-ends-up-in-Rome. What’s not for me to love?!

My guilty pleasure is… staying up really late (it’s nearly midnight as I’m writing this) and sleeping blissfully until late morning. The boys are visiting my parents and I’m enjoying the silence.

A highlight … Gaius and I saw The Dark Knight Rises and Savages since the boys have been gone. Also, we’ve had a few nights of going out for drinks. Fireball Twists are a new favourite.

What I made that was the shizzle … To be announced in a later post if my sewing projects are a success.

That’s it, dearies! Now you’re all caught up and know where the HELL I’ve been. Cheers.

From The Desk of the Iconoclastic Domina: Did Ya Miss Me? Edition

It’s been well over a month since I last wrote. Where has the time gone?! We’ve been busy with life. Nothing super exciting to keep me away, just the everyday things that keeps one busy.

The weather has been… Typical of late Spring: temps hovering around 90F/32C, clear blue skies, and a bright yellow sun.

I’ve been working on Nurture by…allowing the natural rhythmic cycles of life to occur without forcing anything. For instance: some days I feel like covering, some days I don’t. Some days I clean, some days I don’t.

The best thing I watched on TV… I’ve been watching Amish:Out of Order. It’s really interesting to see what the struggles are for the ex-Amish.  I’ve seen commercials for Only for God: Inside Hasidism and American Colony: Meet the Hutterites and really would love to watch them too.  With the interest in these sects, I’m wonder how long until there’s a program about Quakers?

My guilty pleasure is…in our new Eastern King iComfort Revolution bed. Oh my gods! I could stay in bed all day.

I cracked up over… just a few minutes ago Finn unlocked my phone and began playing Angry Birds. By himself. Looking over at him I said “Did you ask Mom if you could play?” he said “Thank you, Mom, for Angry Birds.”

A highlight of the week … One highlight since I’ve been gone is the opportunity to be the American ambassador on Twitter for a week. It was tons of fun and I was put in Twitter jail. Twice.

Another highlight is finding out that my best friend, V, is pregnant with Baby #5! With her 4 boys and my 2, we are really hoping for a girl!

What I made that was the shizzle … Limonade: lemon/limeade. It’s Thadd’s favourite right now.

From the Desk of the Iconoclastic Domina: Nature Needs to be Nurtured (With Some Jimmy On the Side) Edition

The weather has been… Bright and sunny with a couple of days of wind. It’s a good thing my hair is covered.  The thing we are lacking is rain.  We got a day or two of it last week, but we are at 25% of our normal rain fall for the season. Not good, folks.

I’ve been working on Nurture by… obsessing stalking reading up on ways to be have a Green Home via Hippy Jersey Devil and Violet Marbles.

It’s time, I feel the call. I know it’s the right thing to do, it’s just actually doing it.  I’ve been slacking lately with the Nurturing thing and I can feel the discord within myself because of it.

I don’t know why the slacking, just got into this rut and it’s going to take a huge heave-ho to jump out of it.

The best thing I watched on TV… Glee.  If you watch it: OMG! The attempted suicide!  and what is going to happen to Quinn?!

My guilty pleasure is… Jimmy Fallon.  The man acts, dances, sings, plays guitar, makes me laugh, and seems like a decent human being. Not to mention I think he’s  darn cute sexy hawt.  Yup, I gots me a crush on Jimmy.

I cracked up over… Lately Finn answers just about every question with one of the following: 

Hold on, Hold on, Hold on (while holding up his little hand in the  universal “stop” gesture.) 

Just a minute 

Not quite. 

A highlight of the week … Gaius and I have finally caught up with the rest of the world. We got smart phones.  

What I made that was the shizzle … My homemade pot pies. SO good.  Promise I’ll share the recipe!

From the Desk of the Iconoclastic Domina: Rain, Rain, Come Again! Edition

The weather has beentoo dry. We need it to rain every night for a few months just so we can catch up with the average rain fall for this time of year.  Down the road people’s wells are already going dry (although that might have more to do with the county tapping into the water table in a residential area).  There’s already worry about what this Summer will have in store for us water-wise.  The well can only be lowered an extra 40-50 ft. before we hit our limit. *sigh*.  I’m ready to move.

On a good note, it’s about to rain as I type this! Yay! Yes, people in Central and Southern CA get excited about the rain. When I was in high school I had a teacher who had moved from Seattle the year before.  She talked about her first Winter in SoCal and how strange it was to see kids (teens) spending entire days out in the rain, going to class soaked to the bone and grinning like fools.  Then she went through our Spring, Summer, and Fall. By the time the Winter rains came back she fully understood our need to be in the rain, to soak it up in our clothes, skin, and being.  It was a celebration.
Heck, my friends and I used to dance the Polka in the rain. People think we are Sun worshippers out here, but in truth, we are Rain worshippers.

This week I’ve been working on Nurture by drooling over modest clotheswith flair, connecting with head-covered Sisters, and being inspired by a Green-Clean Jersey Girl.

The best thing I watched on TV this week Angel Season 5. It’s one of my “go-to” shows on DVD that I watch when I sick. Last Tuesday I came down with a stomach bug that left me in bed all of Wednesday with a fever.  Angel and Spike kept me company for some of that day, keeping my mind off of a queasy stomach and freezing feet.

My guilty pleasure this week was The Vegas Vampire series. Basically it’s Harlequin Romance with vampires. Sometimes a girl just needs chick-flick reading.

A highlight of the weekMy smarty-pants Thadd was given an award at school for maintaining a 3.0-3.49 gpa for the semester!  His goal is to make a 4.0 at least once this school year.

What I made that was the shizzle last night I made homemade tortilla soup that even Thadd ate. That’s got to be a first.

From the Desk of the Iconoclastic Domina: Links You’ll Thank Me For Edition

The weather has been… unseasonably warm and dry. It’s January and we are worried about already being in a draught. If the skies don’t open up with rain soon, this Summer will be horrible. 

 I’ve been working on Nurture by… drooling over the heirloom seeds from Baker Creek, reading gardening books, and planning this year’s garden. I think I’m going to go with containers this time to make watering more economical and perhaps keep the ants at bay. 

The best thing I watched on TV this week … The Golden Globes.

I’m reading… I’m FINALLY done with the Game of Throne series so it’s off to reading fluffy, no thinking, chick flick books.  At the moment I’m reading HighStakes by Erin McCarthy.  It’s not too bad, expect the vampire love interest, Alexis, reverts to violence a bit too much for my tastes.

My guilty pleasure is… reading said chick flick books after reading such heavy books for so long. 

A highlight … we’ve been spending lots of quality family time lately which has been really nice.

Two of my favourite blog authors are back! Hippy Jersey Devil  and The Mennobrarian.  What a great treat to find out about this morning.

What I made that was the shizzle … nothing to report just yet. I did get two cookbooks that I’m excited to try out: breads and slow cooker recipes.

From the Desk of the Iconoclastic Domina: Catch Up Edition

Since I haven’t done a From the Desk Of.. in a while I thought it was about time for another one! There’s more that I want to write about, but felt that the post would be too long.

The weather has been…Typical Central California Fall/Winter weather, meaning, skies white with low lying clouds and sometimes fog.  Thadd and I were talking today about the fog and how it’s just like it would be walking through a cloud. We both agree that people can keep their “Heaven is living in the clouds” version of the Afterlife because that actually sounds rather dreary to us mere mortals who deal with fog that would put The Others to shame.
I’m reading … Ye, Gods!  Book 5 of the Game of Thrones. I swear it normally doesn’t take me this long to read…it’s just the books are LONG and after a while I need a break from all of the killin’.
This week I’ve been working on Cultivation by… Let’s use today as example: Baking orange/cranberry Friendship bread, need to finish putting together a blanket for Thadd’s Christmas/Solstice pressie, need to begin making matching Christmas PJs for the boys and also make matching PJ bottoms for their Build-A-Bears.  Probably won’t finish all of it today, but I’ll give it the old college try.

The best thing I watched on TV this week … I’m really enjoying Grimm, Once Upon A Time, and All-American Muslim.
My guilty pleasure this week was… drooling over the different dresses found here.
I cracked up this week over… Over Finn’s changing table there is a poster of animals that live rain forests. One of the animals is an orangutan. Finn kept pointing to it and saying “Monkey!” and I would correct him, “No, that’s an ape”. He would laugh and say “No, monkey!”.  Later that night he was running, jumping, climbing on everything and everyone and someone said, “Finn, you’re a little monkey!” and he said, pointing to himself,” No, ape!”.
I got pissed off about… Meh. Nothing to hash over.
A highlight of the week … Putting up the Christmas tree and our stockings!
What I made that was the shizzle … I made Chicken Tikka for the first time and I rocked the heck out of it! It’s been requested for future meals.

Photo of one thing from the week…

Not from this week, but from last month when our maple tree started turning a brilliant (and very short lived) red.

From the Desk of the Iconoclastic Domina: Some People Shouldn’t Be Parents Edition

The weather has been… still going through some sort of menopausal “change”. Right now it is rather nippy and windy outside which is unheard of in the middle of July. Not that I’m complaining! With the weird cool weather this year, I’ve come to the realization that I so want to move to permanently cooler weather!

I’m reading … A Clash of Kings (still.)

This week I’ve been working on Cultivation by… I made homemade pasta! Also, I’m borrowing G’s grandma’s sewing machine…it’s time I learned how to sew, people!

What was learned this week was… don’t make two pounds of pasta dough. One pound is plenty.

The best thing I watched on TV this week … I’m not watching too much TV.

My guilty pleasure this week was… not having to make too many dinners.

I cracked up this week over… we bought Finn a frog potty, but instead of using it as a potty, he takes the bowl , puts it on his head and calls it his “hat”.

I got pissed off about… When I met my parents’ half way to bring the boys home we had lunch at a McDonald’s with an indoor play area. The boys were having fun going down a big twisty slide when I noticed that neither had emerged from the bottom. About the time I was starting to wonder what was going on , I heard Finn yell out in panic. I climbed up the slide to see if he had gotten stuck. The problem was that about 5 kids had walked up the slide while just as many were coming down and they got stuck near one of the bends.

The boys ate their lunch and then wanted to play more, so my mom and I stood near the mouth of the slide to make sure that kids didn’t walk up it while others were coming down. Easy enough…and reasonable, right? Well, this one boy began climbing up and we told him not to because kids were coming down when his asshat of a father (texting, of all things) tells him “You don’t have to listen to them…you can do whatever you want.”

Both of our head whipped around , “Excuse me?!” we said. “What? He can go up if he wants.” He said.

The “shit hit the fan” moment came when four kids came down and were almost at the very end (so we can see them) when said boy began climbing up…and not just climbing up, but climbing OVER Thadd.

So there’s Thadd in front with this kid literally draped over his shoulder like a sack of flour, heading straight into little Finn (sitting right behind his brother). Thadd grabs the kid around the waist and starts trying to throw him off while yelling “get off of me!” The boy’s response? “I can do whatever I want.”

The asshat of a dad’s response? “I don’t hear any kids crying so he can do whatever he wants.”

I’m not a violent person, but at that moment I wished G was there to kick this asshat’s ass.

Ever wanted to know the very best way to raise the next generation of self-absorbed asshats? Just take a page out of this guy’s parenting book.

A quote that got me thinking this week … not a quote, but a song that my Soul Sister left on my FB. Love it!

A highlight of the week … last week I wrote about my mini crisis of what to do with the extra birthday money and the comments so many of you left had me all misty eyed. Thank you all so much for your kind words. They really mean a lot.

I’ll write more about it in my next post =)

What I made that was the shizzle … homemade fettuccine with garlic chicken and sautéed bell peppers.

Photo of one thing from the week…