Cast of Characters

The Post family:

Cora:  She lives in Farmville with the rest of the Post family while having grandiose ideas of living a self-sufficient, totally Green, off the grid sort of life. In reality, she has a BA in Anthropology/Archaeology, a total nerd, loves her French Press, is a proud Scout mom (and a proud mom all around), and maintains a small, private library in her home. She’s an eupraxic Polytheist Revivalist.  Sometimes she blogs.

Gaius:  Cora’s husband extraordinaire. Sufferer of his wife’s flights of whimsy, Stephen Kingophile, gamer, sci-fi lover, an all around great guy.

Thadd: The Eldest Boy who finds it hilarious that his mom gave him this Blog Name because who would actually have a name like Thaddeus.  (He would if his Mom had her way).  He’s a grown-up astrophysicist trapped in a young boy’s body. Star Wars fanatic. Boy Scout.  Blossoming gentleman that makes his Mama’s heart swell with pride everyday.

Finn: The Baby who doesn’t have an opinion about his Blog Name but thinks that his big brother hung the Moon and Stars. Mini literary genius, shows-no-fear-when-leaping-off-tall-buildings, future Boy Scout, snuggle bunny of a boy that  makes his Mama’s heart swell with pride everyday.

3 thoughts on “Cast of Characters

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