Look What You Made Me Do

Oh, Taylor.  I’ve been a fan of hers since Tim McGraw. Too many times I have found relevance in her lyrics for my life and this new song is no different.

Got haters? Waiting for Karma to show them how much of a bitch she is? This song just might become your new anthem (I think it’s going to be mine).


What Happened to the Canaanites?

The ancient Canaanites were not wiped out, as the Bible suggests, but went on to become modern-day Lebanese, a study has found.

Living between 3,000 and 4,000 years ago, the holy text suggests things did not end well for the people living in the Middle East.

According to a passage in Deuteronomy, God had ordered the Israelites to exterminate the Canaanites. “You shall not leave alive anything that breathes. But you shall utterly destroy them … so that they may not teach you to do according to all their detestable things which they have done for their gods.”

It seems they didn’t destroy them all, though. Examining the DNA of the region’s ancient and modern inhabitants, the scientists found more than 90 per cent of the ancestry of modern-day Lebanese derived from the Canaanites.

“The Bible reports the destruction of the Canaanite cities and the annihilation of its people; if true, the Canaanites could not have directly contributed genetically to present-day populations,” the researchers wrote in the American Journal of Human Genetics.

“However, no archaeological evidence has so far been found to support widespread destruction of Canaanite cities between the Bronze and Iron Ages: cities on the Levant coast such as Sidon and Tyre show continuity of occupation until the present day.

“We show that present-day Lebanese derive most of their ancestry from a Canaanite-related population, which therefore implies substantial genetic continuity in the Levant since at least the Bronze Age.”

The scientists came to the conclusion by comparing five whole genomes, obtained from the base of skulls from ancient remains found in the area of Sidon, with those of 99 Lebanese living in the region today.

“One of the most exciting parts of the research was to get DNA out of the specimens,” one of the researchers, Chris Tyler-Smith, told the ABC.

The modern-day Lebanese are “likely to be direct descendants of the Canaanites” said Dr Marc Haber, of The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, according to the Independent.

“But they have in addition a small proportion of Eurasian ancestry that may have arrived via conquests by distant populations such as the Assyrians, Persians, or Macedonians.”

I know this might sound strange, but this gives me a huge relief. I’ve always rooted for the Canaanites much like I cheer for the Trojans — even though I know their ending is tragic.

Head Cannon

I’ve been thinking about something (a lot ) lately: monotheism, but maybe monism is more accurate.

See, I have a very hard time with it as I’m pluralistic at heart. But what if….

What if the reason that HaShem says to only worship Him/Her/It and not to participate in idolatry isn’t to get all the attention, but rather the Collective Whole got tired of silly humans taking Their image and telling stories about Them that were completely unflattering ( I’m looking at You, Zeus and Hera). What if They came together and said, “Enough of the bullshit scandalous stories. The humans need to work on improving themselves and not be so worried about who We are sleeping with!”

So They came up with a plan: They would be known as One and no more images of Them would be made so that the humans would focus on the Inner Work and stop focusing on appearances. They shopped the idea to different groups until man said, “sure”, and his name was Abraham.Abraham, along with his wife Sarah, became the first Jews. But it is really hard to break old habits, especially when temptation is on all sides. So, time and time again the Hebrews wondered back to bad habits, and HaShem had to steer them back. Sometimes it was gently, and sometimes it was done brutally. (I mean, how many times do they need to be told “don’t do that!” before they listen?)


Oath Taker, World Breaker

It’s been a long time and several created blogs (and deleted blogs) since I last wrote here. I’ve been unsettled, restless, unnerved.

In September 2015, between Yom Kippur and Sukkot, I took a deep breath and threw my lot in with Odin and the Norse Gods. And my life hasn’t been the same since. See, Odin, in His infinite wisdom and extreme tough love believes in ripping toxic people out of my life, root and stem. And He does this around the same time in “celebration” of my lot throwing in.

It ain’t easy.

This past year has been soul shattering: I have had to confront the reality that those who claimed to be part of my tribe never considered me part of theirs: layers upon layers of betrayal. Of lies. Of manipulation.

However, it was so very necessary: it was unhealthy for me to have those toxic people in my life. As pa;nful as it has been, I would never want to go back before it all happened. I’d rather have no tribe than be amongst people who carry concealed knives.

Moving forward to the upcoming Autumn, I hope that I get a reprieve from the Cutting Out Project to allow me to focus on the High Holidays. For you see, I’ve found solace in Reform Judaism with the full blessing and backing of my Gods. I have head cannon of how it all fits together, and I’ll share more later.

For now, I have some projects in the wings. One of them is to start writing again and with that, I hope I will be writing again here.

Things will be changing on the blog, but changes are good.



Making A Home For Our Cofgods


The Gnome (or Tomte) is the representative of our cofgods ( Family Gods / Penates ). I found this little guy at a local nursery needing a new home. He had been damaged (broken feet, drum stick, and tip of hat) but I just to bring him home with us.  Today I “planted” him under one of the eucalyptus trees next to the granite outdoor altar I set up a few Summers back.

When Gods Show They Care Part Two

I miss head covering. I miss the mindfulness of it, the modesty of it, the feel of it.  I often find myself bitterly jealous of women who post pictures of their beautifully covered heads and lament over the unfairness of not being “allowed” to do so myself.

I covered for about a year while working with Hestia, but it became very apparent that Hermes was none too pleased with it and barely tolerated a scarf on my head for more than a few hours at a time. I finally gave up fighting Him and put away all the scarves, only to pull out a snood once in a while as long the crown of my head remained uncovered. He’d tell me, “Dye your hair, where it in a bun, curl it, learn intricate hair styles as a form of covering, but if you are going to put a physical cover on, your crown must stay uncovered.”

How the hell am I to do that?!

Time goes by and I hear that He wants or allows others to cover their heads with no qualms and I was like, “What the actual fuck, Dude?! Seriously?!” and He would simply rely, “They are not you.” which is infinitely aggravating to say the least.

Two weeks ago I went in for my annual physical exam, and as a part of getting older, blood work was part of the deal. I got the results back stating that I am vitamin D deficient and need to take a 2000 supplement daily. Of course, sitting out in the ever-present-California-sunshine should remedy any deficiency I may have, but I am white white: the type of white that if I stay in direct sunlight for more than 15 minutes my skin starts burning; the type of white that requires SPF 50 be a part of my Spring/Summer wardrobe. When I am outside, I instinctively seek the shade which defeats the purpose of attempting to absorb Vitamin D, so I get the small amount that I do get when I am out running from one shaded area to the next.

When I read the lab results Mr. Hermes said, “Now you understand why there’s no covering for you. Imagine how bad it would be if you did.”

So from now on, I’ll look at pictures of women in all of their head covered glory with less bitter jealousy and more acceptance of why it’s not a good idea for me, while being comforted that He’s got my best interest at heart, even when I’m not fully aware of it.

When Gods Show They Care Part One

When I started on my journey with the Northern Gods (what I refer to myself as “From Sea to Skye” from the Outlander theme song) I was given two things in meditation: a bindrune from Odin and rose quartz from Thor. The bindrune I have made into a gold coin made of clay that sits on my family shrine and through the very pointed urging of Odin saying, “Remember Thor’s gift? You need to get it physically to hold. Like, NOW, woman!” I bought a small heart of rose quartz.

Three weeks ago I started getting very sharp pains on the left side of my abdomen but chalked it up to menses stuff. Two weeks later I was in the ER in a stupid amount of pain on my right side with a slightly raised temperature.

Now, there are two things that need to be said:

1) I compartmentalized my life and emotions with extreme prejudice. It’s something to do with being an INTJ personality or maybe it’s my natal chart. Either way, it’s how I naturally function in life: there’s not a single person in my life that ever gets the full story of what’s going on in my life. I’m not going to lie: it’s pretty lonely at times and I am often baffled by how seemingly easy people share so much of themselves on social media and in person.

2) For example: some family members know that I’ve lived with chronic pain since the age of twelve and have suffered from migraines since the age of eight, however, most friends (both in real life and Internet) have no clue. I think it’s because I’ve lived with it for so long that it’s become a part of me and is now a non-issue.  One physical therapist told me that my concept of what is “pain” is so skewed that by the time I register something as being painful, normal people would have fled to the ER long before then.

So, when I told my husband that my abdomen hurts a lot, he didn’t hesitate in taking me to the ER. Turns out it was a ruptured ovarian cyst and probably good-sized one. A couple of days later I again experienced mind numbing stabbing pain on my left side that leads me to believe it was a second ruptured cyst.

When I was sitting in my ER room, requesting more pain meds 4 times in as many hours and not getting any, I thought about my friends who talk about having to go to the ER because of their chronic pain and the nurses and doctors mistaking them for abusing narcotics  and/or being told that they are over exaggerating their pain level for attention and I grimly shook my head. What utter bullshit people are forced to go through just to get relief. What is ironic in my case is, I’m allergic to all of the “good stuff”: Morphine, Percocet, Vicodin, and Dilaudid (so far that I know of). The only pain med I can take is glorified ibuprofen.

In fact, when I went back to the Urgent Care a few days after the ER (when I think I had the second rupture), the doctor on call kept telling me that after a rupture it should feel better and I shouldn’t have any pain. I looked her straight in the eye and said, “I’m still having a ridiculous amount of pain. In fact, I’m allergic to Percocet but the pain was still so bad last night I took half a pill with two Benadryl and called it a night.”

For some reason, that got her to listen to me.

And through all of this was the ever constant “Get your rose quartz.” and “Hold your rose quartz.” I even had dreams of it, ya’ll. Odin and Thor aren’t messing around, and of course, there’s a whisper about how great it would be to have Odin’s bindrune put on Thor’s rose quartz. But I don’t know how to do that.

Recovery has been slow. Today is three weeks to the day that the pain began and it’s the first day that I didn’t wake up with pain. I’m taking it easy and reminding myself not to over do it. In the meantime, I have a rose quartz heart to comfort me and Gods who truly care.

A Leaf On The Current

While I’ve been quiet on this blog, my life has been a riotous kaleidoscope of activity because having kids will do that to you.  The older Thadd gets, the busier I get: Scouts, Soccer, Track, various Science team competitions, and Finn isn’t too far behind with Scouts and Soccer coming up. They also have kept me busy with playing nurse to their flu/upper respiratory infected / allergy and asthma suffering selves. And somehow, through it all, I still manage to teach part-time, volunteer in PTA, be a Scout and Den Leader, keep up an active social life, and continue to be OPEN to new opportunities that come my way.

Spiritually I’ve been on a whirlwind ride of ecstatic discoveries about the Norse Gods, Anglo-Saxon paganism, my ancestry, and things that organically fit so well in my household cult. When I took those first tentative steps towards Odin’s outstretched offered hand, I had no idea what I was getting myself into or what to expect. Odin has a well deserved reputation for rocking your world down to the foundation if that what it takes to make you heed His words, and so I took the advice of others and made a contract with Him: a safety net of sorts to protect my family from any harm. He in turn promised me that I would learn about who I am and my ancestors and why it’s important for me to be at least familiar with the Norse Gods.

Making these sort of contractual agreements with Gods is a very alien idea to me. In Hellenismos and Religio-Romana there’s not a need to have such a binding agreement in place before working with the Gods because, as a general rule, The Gods don’t get involved in every aspect of your personal life and try to muck it up on an epic apocalyptic scale if you don’t do as your told.

The Norse will.

I’ve been doing my part: learning, studying, researching, and trusting when He nudges me to look deeper into a subject. One of the biggest things I’ve been wanting to know is about my ancestors before they came to America, more specifically, I wanted to know what ethnicities make up my family tree. After all, Odin did say it was because of my ancestors that it’s important that I am at least familiar with Northern European traditions. About two months ago I submitted my DNA to 23andMe, and all though the results are not at all shocking, I did have a good laugh.


So, yeah… it might be important for me to learn about Northern European polytheism/paganism if I want to learn more about my ancestors and where I belong.

Right now I’m in a Heathen women’s study group and we are doing The Troth’s Introduction to Heathenism and we have gotten into the Wights, Disir, Alfs section.  I’ve had two moments of “OMG!” already in this section that went with a click in my head of things falling into place and making sense.

1) One of the wights mentioned is the “house ghost” (Harry Potter fans will be familiar with it being a House Elf). The Norwegian the nisse  and the Swedish  tomte are gnomes; they are entities that are attached to the family who help keep things running smoothly. In Anglo-Saxon paganism they are called the cofgodas – the house gods – and are equivalent to the Roman Penates.  I have a small collection of gnomes in the house and garden. I love them completely and to find out that this whole time my dear little gnomes are our house spirits thrills me (and the cross reference of Roman stuff doesn’t hurt either).

2) I’ve heard people speak about their personal Disir, but nothing was clicking for me: I don’t have past Queens or Goddesses in my posse, but I do have a great-great grandmother. From my reading, I learning more about the familial Matronae cult which I have a stronger pull towards since my personal practice revolves around my home and family. There’s a passage that says the Disir were represented by three women holding specific items and I’m thinking of trying my hand at a clay sculpture of my interpretation of it.

To be honest, I still feel like a leaf that fell into a fast moving current. I no longer have a firm answer to what culture my Polytheism belongs in: there’s bits of Hellenismos, Romana, and Heathenism. I’m not going to stress over it too much, after all my Romano-Britain ancestors did a great job merging differing cultures and practices to create a new vibrate religious life.

I think that’s where I’m headed.

Frau Holle’s Gift

There’s a difference between

1) Meeting a Deity, learning about Them, wanting to gain Their favour by molding yourself into what you think would please Them…


2) Meeting a Deity, learning about Them, and wanting to give them a fist bump of solidarity because what They find pleasing is what you already feel is right.

You don’t have to change a thing about yourself. You get to keep on rocking your awesome self while knowing that said Deity has been rocking the same awesomeness for ages.

This has been my experience with Frau Holle. She isn’t asking me to change who I am to fall in line with what She is about and I don’t feel compelled to so. I don’t have to learn divination, spell work, or any craft. I just have to do what I’ve always done naturally: help when I can.

For all these things, Holda wants only one gift. Find a mother or homemaker who is overworked and exhausted, and do something to help them. Watch the children for a day, so that she can relax. Cook a meal for their family, so that she can take a break. Do her laundry. Wash her dishes. Clean her house. Be the hand that rocks the cradle when she cannot go one step further. This, above everything else, will endear you to Holda. Even an hour of work that she does not have to do will be a blessing.  ~Holda’s Shrine: Holda’s Gift 

I am finding it really great having this Goddess whom shares the same ideals that I have had on my own for years.

From The Desk Of Cora Post


The weather is… foggy! It’s that time of year in my neck of the woods where the fog settles in very much like a wet blanket and stays until Spring. It’s not so bad in the morning when I drop the boys off at school, but it’s down right scary when I drive at night.  The good news is: we’ve had a wet Winter thus far so maybe the drought will be at an end soon.

How my One Little Word Open is manifesting in my life … I’m continuing to  be open to the promptings and leadings of my Heathen studies. I’ve just begun a months long Introduction course with an online study group and I’m pretty excited!

I’ve also been open to the gentle pushings from Freya in the home decorating department: like, buying matching tablecloths for the three tables in my dining room and using my flower scent melting wax to make the house smell yummy. Seriously, the Woman is all about the flowers. And oh yes, it’s time to take down all of the Winter decorations and start thinking of how to decorate for Spring…

On a more personal note: I’ve been open to learning the difference between Justice and Being Avenged and even though sometimes they can be the same thing, sometimes they are not and it’s important to know the difference. I’ll write about this issue, but it might take a bit of time as it is still very raw and I’m trying very hard to process my feelings.

Good TV / Pop Culture Indulgence … Y’all, I am a Taylor Swift fan. I’ve bought every single one of her albums as soon as they are released. In the past couple of weeks I watched the Swiftmas video and read the story about her sending a check to a fan to help with her student loans.  And you know what? It makes me like her even more because it shows that this young woman really cares about her fans. I applaud that. (I’ve been wanting to write about this and I probably will later).

 I’m reading…

1) The Shack. Which is 100% Christian fiction (which, yes, makes it hard to get through I admit) about a man who meets the Trinity after his 6 year old daughter is murdered (another reason it’s hard to get through). A friend at work lent it to me because it’s one of her favourite books.

2) The Clockwork Princess: Book 3 in the Infernal Devices trilogy. Hands down, this universe is one of all my all time favourite YA to get lost in.

3) The books for my Heathen studies that include the Poetic and Prose Eddas and Our Troth.

My guilty pleasure is… say it with me: Fleece. Lined. Yoga. Pants.  Good gods! I am going to buy them in all colours and live in them whilst it’s cold outside! Heavenly comfort.

A highlight in my life … My darling husband surprised me with a rather large canvas print of Starry Night (one of my favourites). It is now hanging in my family room where I can enjoy it all the time.

 What I created/cooked that is worthy of a humblebrag … a “gold” coin made out of clay with a bindrune that I was given by Odin in a meditation. It now sits on our family shrine.