Head Cannon

I’ve been thinking about something (a lot ) lately: monotheism, but maybe monism is more accurate.

See, I have a very hard time with it as I’m pluralistic at heart. But what if….

What if the reason that HaShem says to only worship Him/Her/It and not to participate in idolatry isn’t to get all the attention, but rather the Collective Whole got tired of silly humans taking Their image and telling stories about Them that were completely unflattering ( I’m looking at You, Zeus and Hera). What if They came together and said, “Enough of the bullshit scandalous stories. The humans need to work on improving themselves and not be so worried about who We are sleeping with!”

So They came up with a plan: They would be known as One and no more images of Them would be made so that the humans would focus on the Inner Work and stop focusing on appearances. They shopped the idea to different groups until man said, “sure”, and his name was Abraham.Abraham, along with his wife Sarah, became the first Jews. But it is really hard to break old habits, especially when temptation is on all sides. So, time and time again the Hebrews wondered back to bad habits, and HaShem had to steer them back. Sometimes it was gently, and sometimes it was done brutally. (I mean, how many times do they need to be told “don’t do that!” before they listen?)



2 thoughts on “Head Cannon”

  1. Hello, my friend! It is good to “see” you again. I’ve missed our conversations. Thank you for the kind words. 🙂

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