Frau Holle’s Gift

There’s a difference between

1) Meeting a Deity, learning about Them, wanting to gain Their favour by molding yourself into what you think would please Them…


2) Meeting a Deity, learning about Them, and wanting to give them a fist bump of solidarity because what They find pleasing is what you already feel is right.

You don’t have to change a thing about yourself. You get to keep on rocking your awesome self while knowing that said Deity has been rocking the same awesomeness for ages.

This has been my experience with Frau Holle. She isn’t asking me to change who I am to fall in line with what She is about and I don’t feel compelled to so. I don’t have to learn divination, spell work, or any craft. I just have to do what I’ve always done naturally: help when I can.

For all these things, Holda wants only one gift. Find a mother or homemaker who is overworked and exhausted, and do something to help them. Watch the children for a day, so that she can relax. Cook a meal for their family, so that she can take a break. Do her laundry. Wash her dishes. Clean her house. Be the hand that rocks the cradle when she cannot go one step further. This, above everything else, will endear you to Holda. Even an hour of work that she does not have to do will be a blessing.  ~Holda’s Shrine: Holda’s Gift 

I am finding it really great having this Goddess whom shares the same ideals that I have had on my own for years.


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